Monday, September 9, 2013

Gallery News - September Edition

In This Edition:

* What's New in the Gallery
* Ten NEW Panoramas Released!
* Art in the Real World
* Introducing "January Thaw"
* Planning Our Next Adventure.......

What's New in the Gallery:

Where on earth did the Summer go? No sooner did it arrive and now the kids are back to school already!

It has been a busy season here in Jordan Village which has just re-affirmed our decision to move all gallery operations here as the right choice at the right time for us. While we do not get the volume of crowds here that we were used to in Niagara-on-the-Lake, I can now give our clients the time and attention you deserve. This is good - this is very good!

Even though this gallery is considerably larger, we still never have enough space to display everything we want to. A huge improvement that we made this summer was to install a 55 inch flat screen TV in front of my desk.

This allows us to display even more works on a rotating basis, plus we can run movies of yours truly working in the field. Another big advance is that I can now custom create grouping on screen and show you exactly what they will look like!

Ten NEW Panoramas Released:

I really like creating panoramas. There's something about the very wide aspect ratio I find very appealing.

These ten new pieces come in two sizes, 40 x 10 inch images size and 30 x 7 inch image size. They are of course available both framed or unframed. If you are interested in more information about any of these new pieces, just let me know.

Art in the Real World:

Once again, one of our great clients sent me a photo of "My art in their world".

We worked with Steve and Ellen in creating a great grouping for them that fit their needs. They selected "Through the Garden Window", "Garden Bench" and "Through the Garden Gate" as a triple group. We then framed up all three in the same 3 inch hand distressed frame and now that they are installed in their home, I have to say, they look fantastic -- well done!

Many thanks to Steve and Ellen for sharing this!

Introducing "January Thaw":

Before going away last Winter I decided to do some local hiking on some of the icy trails here in the Niagara region. I invested in a set of ice cleats for these hikes because with all the freeze-thaw-freeze cycles we can get here, walking on these steep hills can be treacherous at best. The investment was well worth it in terms of personal safety and the opportunity it gave me to explore.

I struck gold on one of the hikes when I was able to position myself in such a manner to compose this capture we now know as "January Thaw"

This piece just went on the wall here in the gallery yesterday. We have created the image in three sizes, all to match our very popular series of "Winding Rapids", "Autumn Splendor", and "Autumn Falls". As you can see, "January Thaw" can stand all on its own, or it also makes a wonderful companion to the original series as shown below.

For more information on this exciting new release, just give me a call at 905-562-0068, or toll-free at 866-211-9799

Planning Our Next Adventure:

Oh New Zealand, I just can't get enough of you.....

Yes, we are headed back for our third excursion to New Zealand. This time we will be exploring the Northlands district which will take us North of Auckland and all the way past the Bay of Islands, Doubtless Bay and finally up to Cape Reinga at the extreme top of the country.

We have most of the basic details planned now and we are of course looking forward to yet another outstanding excursion and of course seeing our Kiwi mates again!

I have just purchased a new video camera for Joyce so she can capture me, capturing New Zealand. I'm looking forward to creating more great videos to share with you!

We will be away for the month of February, but the gallery will be open for at least half of the month. As we get closer to the Winter I will give you exact open and close dates for the gallery.

Well I think that is about it for now. So to recap, we have had another great season, and I thank everyone that made that possible. We have some outstanding new pieces on display and I'd love to see you pop in for a viewing. If you cannot make it in to the gallery, just let me know and I'll do whatever I can to help you!

Most sincerely,


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