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Gallery News - December Edition


In This Edition:

*How to Select The Right Gift of Art......
*UPS Shipping Reminder
*Santa Visits Jordan Village
*And Finally.......

How to Select The Right Gift of Art for a Loved One, Friend, or Colleague:

I encounter this question on a regular basis in the gallery. How do you know which is the right piece of art for someone else?

I have learned over the years that people purchase my art because they feel a personal connection with a piece. This connection is incredibly strong and when it is discovered, it can be quite an emotional experience. If you look around your own home or office, I think you will find that the art on your walls represents the things that are important to you in your life.

You might be thinking, "That's fine, I know what I like, but how do I know what someone else likes?"

Let's look at that "personal connection" I mentioned.

I believe that the connection someone makes with my art is very simple. The art transports them to a time or place in their past that makes them feel good, or it takes them to a time or place in their life where they would like to be.

Let's take "Dock of the Bay" for example.

The inspiration for this piece came from the time I spent as a child at our family holiday trailer in cottage country north of Toronto where we spent our summers. Many clients have told me that they experienced similar memories of being at the dock, swimming in the lake, or out in an old wooden rowboat fishing with Dad. In my case, these memories beckon back to a simpler time in my life, and I know the reason that this piece has been so well received, is that those same wonderful memories come flooding back for others as well.

Another example might be "Daydreamers".


The peace and solitude of sitting on a warm Caribbean beach watching the clear blue waters at your feet, can certainly bring back memories of wonderful vacations, or, maybe it could be the inspiration to experience sitting on a white sand beach in the future!

Many of my bird images such as "It's My Nut!" are also wonderful reminders of loved ones who enjoy feeding and watching beautiful and colorful song birds outside their window.


Do Mom and Dad spend their winters in the south?

Maybe something like "Silent Night" to either remind them of home up north, or remind them why they wanted to get away during the winter in the first place!

So, ask yourself, what is it that puts a smile on that special person's face? Reminiscing of times past, or dreaming of their future? This can be the key to finding the right piece for the right person. There is nothing complicated about my works. They are simple reminders of those moments of peace and enjoyment in life, and I now have over 200 to choose from in the gallery and on the website.

I have been helping clients select the right piece for loved ones for many years now and I know I can assist you too. Visit or call me at the gallery and I will be happy to help you select the perfect piece. Additionally, as an option, you could purchase one of our Gift Certificates in any amount and let them choose for themselves if you like!

My works of art provide a tranquil escape from the calamity and chaos of our very busy and hectic lives. So please consider giving the gift of calm!


Standard UPS Shipping Dates Reminder:


Santa Visits Jordan Village:

We had a wonderful time last weekend in our new "Christmas in Jordan Village" event. The weather however did not really co-operate. To say it was blustery, would be a gross understatement! Both Santa and the kiddies soldiered on however as they battled the 50 Kph winds creating a -16 degree wind chill during the candle light stroll and tree lighting!

Here are a couple of pictures with the "Guest of Honor"trying to keep his cap from blowing away, and seated in front of out 15 foot tree! I'm sure he was thinking, "Would you please hurry up and take this picture!"


And Finally, Thank You!......

As the year winds down, I have to say thank you to everyone who has supported us, not only with new art purchases, but also with sincere best wishes as we completed the final transition from the previous Niagara-on-the-Lake gallery to our new location here in Jordan Village. We have had a fantastic year and I owe it all to you! As the popularity of my works grow, we are seeing more and more "family and friends of friends" who are coming in because the gallery was recommended to them by our clients and I really appreciate that!

Please accept my sincerest best wishes to you, and your loved ones for a safe, and happy holiday season!

Until next time and most sincerely,



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